Is cider the new rosé

April 13th, 2011

Where did this sudden interest in cider come from?  Was it a spontaneous groundswell from the drinking public bored with the current “flavours of the month” — or a clever PR campaign?  Never mind, it’s happened.  Scott Durietz, our sommelier at Baguette Bistrot+Bar, has been having fun tasting the now numerous ciders available and researching why some are really worth trying … and some are, well, just lolly water.

Some ciders are made with fruit concentrate and what else?  Whilst the good stuff is made from fresh juice and naturally fermented to produce a slight fizz.  Anyway Scott has done all the hard work and you can now sample a: 

Flight of 4 Ciders in the bar at Baguette for $23

Anneville cidre comes from Normandy in France, is semi-dry and has enough acidity to finish cleanly.  It’s got full apple aroma and only 2% alcohol by volume. It’s made from a single apple variety, Binet Rouge.

Manoir du Kinkiz in another French cidre from Brittany and is 5.5% alcohol.  It is the most complex of the four offerings.  Although semi-sweet, the combination of bitter-sweet and sharps allows it to be matched with weighty food. Notable feature is the barnyard aspect of the nose and Roquefort like character of the finish.

* The other two are Australian ciders, both from Bress — a winery/cidery in Harcourt Valley which is an old apple growing area just north of Melbourne.  Adam Marks the cider-maker is a Francophile;  hence the French chicken on his label.   His sweet style (great with desserts)  he calls Bon Bon and it is made from pink lady apples and perry (pear cider).  His dry style is called Bress Harcourt Valley Cider Brut.  They are both 10% alcohol, similar to wine.

So come to Baguette and try these ciders.  Scotty would love to chat with you about them.  Also in June we will be having 2 weeks of a Suckling Pig and Cider Menu.  Cider can be great with food!

2 Responses to “Is cider the new rosé”

  1. Christineon 20 Apr 2011 at 2:06 pm

    How about Swedish cider??? They have been doing it well for eons…I have been trying of different ciders recently to try and find a favourite, so can’t wait to try Scott’s suggestions (esp with the suckling pig!).

    By the way…for anyone with an intolerence to gluten cider is a great choice! It was a celiac friend who ‘reminded’ me how good cider can be.

  2. Jennifer (Delicieux)on 12 May 2011 at 1:13 pm

    We visited Baguette yesterday, and while we didn’t complete the tour of the new cider range, we sampled a couple and they were all fantastic. Scott really knows his stuff and has an impeccable palate. We trust his judgement implicitly as he has never failed us yet in selecting wine, and more recently cider, to match our meal. I highly recommend the cider flight to anyone.

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